Music Meeting and Festival

will take place in


from 21 to 26 november 2017.

Linecheck is a music festival and meeting point for industry professionals, held in the Italian city of Milan, from 21 to 26 November 2017, for its third edition. Forming part of the wider Milano Music Week, Linecheck presents an extensive program of talks, showcases, discussions that explore Italy’s music industry and its relationship with the global scene, featuring international players and the major protagonists of Italian industry, with more than 40 guest speakers.
The idea behind Linecheck is involving the Milan based and Italian entire chain of the music industry, from the rights-holders such as artists and managers, labels, producers, publishing and relative collecting societies, the media (magazines-radio- tv-cinema on and offline), as well as the live music sector.


Linecheck is a platform and meeting place for the music industry but in particular a hotspot to connect the music industry with local, national and international neighbouring industries: fashion, design, lifestyle, advertising and brands in general, synchronization and applied music-clients, innovative technology.

The profound heritage of musical creation and business of Milan and Italy shall be honoured, stimulating innovation. The potential of Milan as international business- hotspot to Italy shall be presented to the worldwide music and neighbouring creative industries, showing access-points to a transparent Italian market.


A series of panels, meetings and workshops has been developed by Linecheck and its partners and shows a direction of development for the years to come.


Linecheck program is focused on production, business models, art direction, discography, new technologies, communications, event marketing, sustainability, for its third edition with a focus on:
Tradition/Innovation – Branding – Sync – Fashion