DAY 1 – Wednesday 22

When: h 20:00
Where: BASE Milano
Little Dragon
Lewis Capaldi
DAY 1: Little Dragon — Lewis Capaldi — Yombe — L I M

Day 1: DAY 1: Little Dragon — Lewis Capaldi — Yombe — L I M


Innovation and primordialism are the two elements shaping the first event of Linecheck Music Festival, which will see the Swedish band Little Dragon and the Italian duo Yombe as centralcharacters. Although apparently different one from the other, they share the ethnic and tribal music influences. The little Dragon, now at their fifth album called Season Hight, has always looked for a way to mix contemporary and primitive sounds, drawing inspiration from African music. After every trip to South Africa, the country of his wife, Erik Bodin, the drummer of the band, comes back with an hard-disk full of South African music and mixes, ready to be listened by the band.

Likewise, the Italian duo got bewitched visiting an African art exhibition at Mudec in Milan by the view of some Congolese wooden statues, called Yombe. From then on, the reference to African music and esthetic becomes the leitmotif of their entire project.