Linecheck plus is the parallel programme of Linecheck Music Festival. Working in partnership with Italian and international promoters and the crews of the moment in the milanese music scene, it stages concerts and dj sets in the clubs and the live music venues in town. Linecheck Plus’ programme includes Sevdaliza’s only autumn concert date in Italy, 21st November at Magnolia; Functionist at ElitaBar, 23rd November; Jayda G, Palms Trax, Bugsy together with Take It Easy crew, 25th November at Tunnel; and Klangstof, Saturday 26th November at Dude.
Furthermore, Linecheck Plus promotes networking between local realities and the foreign labels and organisations arrived in Milan for the Meetings organised by Linecheck. In this way it creates right connections for international events, such as those taking place at Rocket: the after show of ETEP (European Talent Exchange Program) with Amy Becker and Akeem of Zamunda Sound System, 22nd November; and Friday 24th, on the occasion of Peer Music’s ninetieth anniversary, Nava, Maiole, Klune, Talpath, and the local Linoleum crew.
Linecheck Plus è il programma parallelo di Linecheck Music Festival che offre concerti e dj set nei club e nei locali per la musica dal vivo in città, in partnership con promoter italiani e internazionali e con le crew più attive del panorama milanese. Il calendario di Linecheck Plus include l’unica data autunnale in Italia di Sevdaliza, il 21 novembre al Magnolia; Functionist a ElitaBar il 23; Jayda G, Palms Trax, Bugsy insieme alla crew di Take It Easy il 25 al Tunnel; e sabato 26 Klangstof al Dude.
Linecheck Plus favorisce inoltre il lavoro di rete delle realtà locali con label e istituzioni estere giunte a Milano per i Meeting di Linecheck, creando la giusta connessione per eventi transnazionali, come quelli proposti al Rocket: l’after show di ETEP (European Talent Exchange Programme) con Amy Becker, e Akeem of Zamunda Sound System il 22 novembre, e venerdì 24 la celebrazione dei 90 anni di Peer Musiccon Nava, Maiole, Klune, Talpah insieme alla local crew di Linoleum.

Linecheck plus