Albert Torres


In the music industry since 1994, music passionate and Economics and Business Administration graduate Albert Torres, has lived through the rise and fall of the recording industry both in the major’s side where he started as a promoter for BMG Spain and moved to the International A&R position prior to the SONY merger, being responsible for acts such as Depeche Mode, Take That, Garbage and Moby; and then on the independent where he moved in 1999 to Barcelona’s K Industria where he took several roles as promoter, licensing manager, product manager as well as building a export network through Europe, North America, Australia and Japan being responsible for the international expansion of artists such Ojos de Brujo and Muchachito Bombo Infierno.

On November 2005 the opportunity came to change sides and move to digital to build and manage The Orchard in Spain and Portugal becoming territorial Vice President in 2007, adding Italy to his responsibilities in 2009, Greece in 2013 and Mexico in 2015 untill today. Through these years Albert Torres has developed all the areas involving digital music from Product Management and Marketing to Business Development, Content Acquisition, Client Management,…; he is given lectures in universities such Barcelona UPF, Valencia VIC and Roma La Sapienza universities Music Industry master programs and paneled in several digital music conferences across.

Albert Torres

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