Direttore degli affari legali e internazionali ADAMI (FR)

Holder of a master’s degree in private law and a diploma in advanced studies in intellectual property, Anne Charlotte Jeancard took the oath as a lawyer at the Parisian Bar.

Specialized in copyright and neighboring rights, she created her own law firm in 1999. Ever since she actively dedicated herself in the audio and audiovisual domains, including performers, publishers, labels, collective management organization and professional unions, film and TV series production, pay TV and creation and growth of TNT (digital television).

After her abroad experience in Sweden, where she boosted her European and international intellectual property knowledge, Anne-Charlotte joined in 2003 a firm of lawyers with the same expertise mainly in the field of intellectual property and patents.

Since 2013, her main mission as the Head of legal and international Affairs of Adami is to extend the organisation’s international activities and to give the collective management organisation its place in the national and international legal debates defending the performers’ rights.


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