Daniele Citriniti

Founder, _reset (IT)

Daniele C is a musician and creative thinker based in Turin (IT)
10 years ago I founded _resetfestival, a festival dedicated to showcasing/giving a voice to new music talents , which over the years has now become an extended network for innovators in music.
_reset festival’s target audience is young artists braves who want to challenge the status quo of the traditional music business, it’s a based on connection and networking ‘platform’ for artists, industry players insiders, companies and people who love fair music.


In 2014 I founded an artist management and event agency with my partners in crime Annarita Masullo and Paola Cuniberti. The Goodess Factory is a consulting business specializing in new path creating new models to create and experience new development models for supporting artists’ developements as well as a helping consulting company for the music corporates to connect with them. www.thegoodnessfactory.it

The Goodness Factory have been curating the production of music show at Cap10100 in Turin, hosting in the years Subsonica, Niccolò Fabi, Verdena,
Shellac, Musica Nuda, Tortoise and hosted concerts and gigs of some the best Italian emerging bands such as (Levante, Bianco, Daniele Celona, Eugenio in Via Di Gioia, Andrea Laszlo De Simone ecc..) In 2018 we will launch Italy’s first music innovation hub in Turin which aims at providing a playground for performing arts, creativity and social innovation to come together.

Step by step dreams may come true, but the eyes closed are good just to sleep well at night. Better face the cruel world to figure out wich is the meaning of our sweet dreams in the real life and look for – at least – salvation.

Daniele Citriniti

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