Tobia Poltronieri

Tobjah, C+C=Maxigross (IT)

Tobia Poltronieri (born 1988) is a singer / songwriter / guitarist from Verona, Italy. Tobia is a name taken from the Bible, in Jewish means “God is good”. He’s studied Fine Arts at IUAV University in Venice and he’s founder of the open collective project C+C=Maxigross (founded in 2008), constantly playing in US and Europe in Festivals like Primavera Sound (Barcelona, ES) and CMJ (New York, US). Since he was 18 he’s been part of the italian underground scene playing with post folk act Ancher and twee pop act Klein Blue, running the label and recording studio Vaggimal Records and organizing many cultural events with his community. His actual main event (as Artistic Director) is “The International Festival of Folk and Psychedelic Music” Lessinia Psych Fest, started in 2014 upon the mountains of Verona. After ten years of playing in band projects is now also playing solo under his name is TOBJAH. His music take inspiration from songwriting queens as Joni Mitchell, acid gems as Linda Perhacs, mystical fingerpicking of Robbie Basho, the experimental vibes of Arthur Russel and the tropical freshness of Milton Nascimento, creating a personal vision of an hanging songwriting style based on ethernal guitar arpeggios, cappella and falsetto vocals. His first solo show happened in London at Cafe Oto while he was part of Miles Cooper Seaton’s residency and performance for the Kammer Klang project.

He’s played with Miles Cooper Seaton (Akron/Family, Michael Gira & Angels of Light), Marco Fasolo (Jennifer Gentle), Oliver Coates (cellist for Johnny Greenwood e Radiohead), Hakon Gebhardt (Motorpsycho), Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Martin Hagfors (Home Groan, HGH, collaborator of Jaga Jazzist e Motorpsycho).

After one year of non-stop touring with his band C+C=Maxigross (over than 100 gigs from november 2015 for the “Fluttarn Tour”) will tour Italy and Europe in solo starting in february 2017 only with his 1973’s Martin D-18.

Tobia Poltronieri

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